Monday, July 13, 2009

July 12 Gathering

The invited guests from PDRM & other neighbouring communities

Sale of car stickers & collection of donations


Cendol was served - courtesy of RT SS20

Chief Inspector Thomas Sulok of Balai Polis Damansara PJ

Mdm Eileen Thong - Head of RT SS20

Dear residents……thank you for your attendance yesterday - Sunday 12th July 2009. There were almost 200 of you that registered, though we wished more had come. Maybe not all residents are too concerned about the community or about security in their neigbourhood.

For those that did come, we thank you for your support & feedback. It is most encouraging. You have made a big positive move towards this project as sales of stickers & donations for Sunday alone was about RM4K bringing our total unaudited amount to RM8K as it stands now.
Listed below are the comments/suggestions that were received from you.

Suggest back or side lanes for SS20/4 to be closed as well
Keat & Yati

SS20/4 to install gate instead of drums.
Wong Kwok Wui
Gan Kaim San

To have drums block back lane of SS20/8 because one evening 3 motorcycles were racing at back lane.
Ong Eng Kong

To close back lane behind my house (SS20/8). Put small speed bumps on roads.
William Ho

Can we have the back lane between the houses @ SS20/11 & SS20/13 facing SS20/1 to be blocked up?
Low Teong Keng

6 months is too long. Implement immediately.
Robbin Chew

Action is needed to resolve the irresponsible parking at junction of SS20/11 & SS20/3
Suen Yen Cheng

Please suggest to the proprietor of Restaurant Golden KimWah for the patrons to the restaurant to park properly and not disrupt traffic.
Lee Thoo Hai

Side lane block #19 between SS20/11 & SS20/7 should have ‘no parking’on the road surface so as to deter vehicle parking inconsiderately & as a result pedestrian can even cross the little gap between the tanks.
Heng Gua How

Can we have police patrol on every road at least once everyday? Block small access road of SS20/4 & SS20/6
Mrs Chew

How to control the number of footballers into the SS20 field? How to control the footballers from dirtying the field? These footballers and spectators – all potential robbers & snatch thieves

To have a hump built between DiJaya & SS20/10 to slow down oncoming cars, especially at the bend (parallel to LITRAK) which is hazardous to cars reversing from houses. There is an access into SS20 from LITRAK in front of DiJaya which is currently closed/barrier which can be used to access to SS20 instead of using only existing access so that incoming cars do not need to turn into SS20/1 so that current access will not be a bottleneck with the anticipated increase number of the cars coming in.
Lee FK

If starting with boom gates use the ones which are more secure - 2 bars…..close off entrance from DiJaya. For entrance or back lanes possible to gate them instead of drums. Fence the southern zone borders. Only certain areas are fenced.
Ekberg Yong

The traffic to the middle of southern zone has been reduced but it also has diverted traffic to SS20/11. Congestion is a concern and it also increases the chance of accidents during peak hours. As there are many kids around riding bicycles some consideration should be taken into this as well.
David Chua

Should open up the exit at the school and put up bars to stop big lorries & buses coming into SS20/1. Road jammed up – getting out of house takes us 10 minutes or more to exit.
Melvin Low

Block off entrance into SS20/10 from DiJaya. Volunteers’ list of names & contact no. to be added into community website. Van parked in DiJaya parking lot that has not been moved. It is stationed near the back wall to the houses at SS20/10. Is it possible to have DiJaya move it elsewhere (park)? It could be used to climb over the back wall into the backyard of the houses.

Please explain to all what the future phases are? Disseminate security tips to all. It is disturbing that the meeting was used almost entirely to promote the ‘lock in’ concept. Why did the security specialists not be asked to give us all advice? As much as phase 1 appears to offer logical benefits, how do we justify taking the law into our own hands?
Rod Anders

Before the LDP underpass was built residents who live in SS20 could slip into the main road and proceed to SS2 via the overhead bridge. Since the underpass was constructed we now have to make a u-turn before the overhead bridge, turn into SS21/60 passing the police station to where the Public bank is, turn left and into SS21/62 to the junction of the traffic light and head towards SS2. With the new arrangements blocking the lanes between SS20/1 & SS20/3, we have now to go to SS20/11, turn left into SS20/1 and into the main road and follow the route as described earlier. Presently we are experiencing traffic jam especially in the morning and evening along SS20/1. The problem is motorist from Tmn Tun and related areas will slip into the entrance of SS20/1 from the main road near the school to jump cue and proceed to the exit nearer to the overhead bridge used by the residents of SS20. I suggest we seal off the entrance near the school at certain hours in the morning & evening. The junction at SS20/11 & SS20/3 and also the junction at SS20/11 & SS20/4 are always blocked by customers of the 2 restaurants at the corner of the 2 junctions. The customers just park their cars indiscriminately blocking the junctions that sometimes one cannot drive through. I strongly urge the authorities to draw yellow box at the junctions to prohibit any parking. Those caught should be given heavy penalties.
David Teh Seng Leong

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