Monday, June 29, 2009


Please be on the lookout for a Chinese man (maybe 2) as 2 similar incidents have been reported recently in BU 3.

Incident 1
About 9pm 2 Wednesday's ago, a Chinese man walked into a house where the owner (non-paying resident) has the tendency to leave his gate wide open most of the time. The man walked into his house, wielded a knife & the owner handed over his wallet. The robber (speaking in Hokkien) continued ransacking his house while he locked himself in an upstairs bedroom, managed to open the window grill & climbed over to the next door neighbour for help. The neighbour then called me but the robber has disappeared by the time the guard, the police & a few neighbours came to his house.

Incident 2
This Thu, about 2pm, a Chinese man used a bunch of keys to try & open the front gate of a house (non-paying resident) after pressing the door bell & there was no response. The young college boy (who is staying with his single mother) shouted at him but he continued to try opening the lock & shouted back (in Cantonese) that he is looking a for a certain "Auntie ... ". All this while, a housewife staying opposite did not realise what was happening although she saw them talking loudly as she thought he was delivering food. The man went away when the college boy continued shouting. The young man told me of this incident at the suggestion of a next door neighbour (a paying member), whom he related to.

Prowling Indian motor-cyclist
The guards are also on the lookout for a prowling Indian motor-cyclist which a lady resident reported was approaching her in a suspicious manner after she parked her car & was walking to open her front gate one afternoon. This man turned his motor-cycle around when she quickly locked her gate after entering her house compound. The guards are also on extra alert during Friday afternoons, where there is heavy traffic entering BU3 due to Friday prayers and incidents were reported previously of 2 Malay man going round in a red Proton car behaving suspiciously.

Plse inform all your neighbours. DO NOT COME OUT of YOUR HOUSE. Call the police or RAKAN KOP.

Chief Inspector Thomas Sulok: 012 606 6021
Sjn Jamil: 017 256 7761
Korp Azlan: 019 268 5343
Damansara Police Station: 7722 2222 / 7728 7760

Rakan Kop : 03-20529999
Register Rakan Kop : POLISSEL and send to 32728(DAPAT)

Eye of the tiger said...
Well guys, two more houses were broken into yesterday. One on road SS20/7(the fishmonger's hse)at 2.30pm Sunday afternoon can you imagine how bold they have become and other at road SS20/12 in the evening. We should gather more information from the police tomorrow at our regular meeting time,i.e. 9pm at the Padang. Please come and lets discuss on futher plans as well.


RTSS20south said...

Friday (26 June) at SS20/10 (southern). A young lady was in a taxi. The driver drove to a side lane and wielded out a knife demanding for her valuables. She jumped out of the taxi and screamed. She ran to a house nearby and jumped into the compound and hid. Neighbours who heard her screams came out to assist. The driver in a haste to chase the girl/escape knocked into a side wall of a house and got the taxi stucked. The neighbours came out and beat him, he ran. There was an accomplice in a motorbike nearby. He escaped with this accomplice.

Kudos and thank you to the Yong family for assisting this young lady. Your efforts and support is remebered and deeply appreciated.

Eileen said...

Yes! Many thanks to members of the Yong family for coming out to help that poor girl in trouble.
They have averted a more serious crime.
A very honourable gesture indeed as more often than not, most people would just ignore,play it safe and watch from afar whilst playing the
" chi ki ku chi ki " song.
Well done ! This is the kind of comradeship we are looking for in our war againgst crime. Deeply appreciated. I second that EC...