Thursday, June 18, 2009

Introduction of barriers in Southern Zone

Volunteers who showed up to help paint the drums

All for One & One for All

Hulk Hogan ???

The first batch of 30 drums being painted by volunteers.


MB said...


Dear fellow residents,

It is with the recommendation of the Police DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM) and in line with MBPJ’s Safe City Concept that we, Residents of SS20, are undertaking this project to make our neighbourhood into a ‘gated community’ with the closure of certain roads.

As safety is more important than convenience, we should be prepared to sacrifice some conveniences for the safety and well-being of ourselves, family and fellow residents. The road closure is for the safety of all residents without any selfish purposes. We do agree that although the present law allows free flow on every road, that the law was passed some decades ago and the present security issues have caused it to become impractical. As seen in other neighborhoods, changes to the law are in the making.

The project implementation would be in phases: SS20 has been divided into 3 zones namely;

• Northern Zone – north from Dsara Specialist Hospital & boundries
• Central Zone – from Dsara Specialist Hospital down to Jln SS20/11
• Southern Zone – south from Jln SS20/11 to DiJaya & boundries

As for those of us in the Southern Zone, the flow of traffic would need to be changed to facilitate this project. Movable steel drum barriers would be placed to ‘permanently’ close the designated roads leaving only 1 entrance/exit open, eventually.

No paid guards would be employed for now. Instead, the existing security measures of neighbourhood watch, regular police patrols & occasional joint police/resident patrols (community policing) would continue. As some of you may have noticed, movable barriers have already been put in place on certain roads in the Central Zone.

A 6-month trial period would be allocated to monitor and assess the effectiveness of such a ‘gated & neighbourhood watch’ scheme in reducing the crime rate. No system is 100% effective. What we are merely doing is trying to address the issue before the crime rate gets out of control with more residents becoming victims. The criminals are cruel and cold blooded nowadays. They are ready to harm the victim even when the valuables have been surrendered. Attached to this notice you will find the crime statistics for our neighborhood.

Gating the area should reduce this ‘criminal invasions’. Furthermore, a gated/guarded community will also help increase the value of our property. To learn more about this project and also as a show of support , please make the time to be present at SS20/5 ‘padang’ on Sunday, 12th July 2009 at 5pm.

We are currently on a ‘fund raising’ exercise to help pay for the’ blockades’ and miscellaneous costs for the Southern Zone. Funding would be raised through voluntary cash donations from residents in the area and through the sale of SS20 car stickers at RM20 each to residents.

This car stickers, made available to all residents of the Southern Zone, would be an added security in helping identify non-residents’ vehicles entering the area. Also the authorities, be it MBPJ or PDRM, would be able to note which vehicles parked along the roads belong to the residents of this area.

As for cash donations, we would appreciate any amount, however small.

Finally, we hope to promote public safety and peace besides nurturing a caring, united and interactive community for the benefits of all residents. We hope you can help us with your support for the project. We would urge you to join our community policing program to fight crime. Let us strive to make SS20 a great place to stay and to create a conducive environment for the well being of all residents.

A United Front against crime

kuek said...
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MB said...

If things go according to plan, letters will be sent to all houses this Tuesday. It will be the first phase of information disemmination. Another round will be once the car stickers are ready and that will need all road reps and volunteers as it will involve dialogue with residents.

RTSS20south said...

30 drums have been painted and ready. There were 9 adults and 6 children that came on Saturday to help paint the drums. No we are not into child labour. The children were very enthusiastic volunteers. They were so eager to help.
Letters will be sent out on Tuesday night. Please come and support.

kuek said...
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Rod said...

As an owner/resident of SS20 I must express my objection to the idea of closing off entry/exit points to SS20.

I believe that the main posting here (same words as in the letter to all residents) is incorrect and misleading. The Safe City Concept DOES NOT propose the illegal blocking of public roads, nor does the Police DiRaja Malaysia recommend or support the use of illegal barricades on public roads. I think the RT should clarify this matter and not get on the wrong side of the law at a time when we, the residents of SS20, most need the support of PDRM.

Quite apart from the blocking of public thoroughfares being ILLEGAL (as is noted in the text of the letter) has consideration been given to the businesses which are located in our area, restricting passage to SS20 will harm their trade and we could end up with no food or sundry or services within safe walking distance - and some of our neighbours left with a failed business. The end result here would be that our area will have no close food/sundry/services and the values of our property will decline.

Of much greater priority is the Hospital that we are so fortunate to have on our door-step. How can we, as responsible citizens, restrict any point of entry to or from the hospital. A single life lost because the ambulance took 5 minutes longer to get to the ER is completely unacceptable in everybodys opinion. And it is a fact that different entry points are more effective when approaching from different areas so it will not help to keep the 'closest' entry point open - in fact that will create added congestion around the hospital and add to the delays in delivering injured people (your and my friends and relatives) to get urgent medical attention. This issue alone totally precludes us from agreeing to any restriction of access to SS20.

We could also look at the ecological aspect of forcing all the cars within (or from outside coming into the SS20 shops) to drive an average of 3km extra on each journey (it is 3km around the perimeter of SS20 so each resident has an average of 1.5km to drive in each direction if only one exit is open) assuming that every car goes out once a day that is over 1,000km additional every year and of course the traffic jams that we would encounter every morning and evening would be another ecological nightmare (I'm not mentioning the nuisance factor because there is value in the concept that security is not measured in degrees of difficulty) in forcing all this additional fossil fuel to be burnt we are unnecessarily increasing our carbon foot-print. Please let us also consider the long term consequences of our actions.

It is certainly not my position to simply ignore the level of crime but I believe that we should examine the Safe City Concept and have consideration for the community as a whole and all of the services that we are so fortunate to have in our area. A look at the crime statistics provided along with the RT letter shows that 12 out of 30 (almost half!) of the crimes were committed on the perimeter road, this is a very significant figure and should guide us as to how to apply preventative measures. Another statistic from the provided information is that 12 of the reported crimes were stolen cars, how would 'residents stickers' help if the stolen car is fitted with a sticker! We need to demand an appropriate level of police patrolling, educate ourselves and each other about secure home (and vehicle) practices and support our neighbours when we suspect something amiss. An increased level of community vigilance and cooperation is our answer, not resorting to law-breaking ourselves. SS20 is not a little cul-de-sac that can be sealed off for security, it is a sizeable, thriving community.

In short. It is illegal and immoral to close off the entrances to SS20.

MB said...

I would to reply to Rod's comments and his objections on the closing of entry/exit points to SS20.

Firstly I think you have not gotten the whole concept of closure accurately. What is mentioned in the flyer only concerns 'SS20 southern zone' meaning south from SS20/11 down to the boundries of SS20/1 & SS20/10. The intended roads to be closed are mainly the back lanes and not the main roads. It not in any way intended to restrict total passage into SS20.

As for the support of PDRM, if Rod had participated in the community policing programme, which is done weekly, he would be aware of the conversations with Police personnal with regards to closures of roads. Rod should take note of other communities that are already doing this in their neighborhoods. In Bangsar, even DBKL themselves is involved in putting up the barriers.

We would all like it if ALL services could be at our door step in a split second but unfortunately this is not to be. Hospital services will and should always be available to each and every one, this no one will disagree. But aren't we 'splitting hairs' here when we talk about the 5 minutes or how much longer it takes for the ambulance to reach the house because of our ‘gated community’....? As main roads are still going to be open, there will not be restrictions to ambulances or other services from reaching the targeted destination.

With regards to car stickers it is mainly as a fund raising exercise as not everyone will generously donate to this project. Money needs to be spent on purchases of barriers, paint, chains etc etc. It should be noted that this is being done with minimal amount as we are not subscribing to the services of security guards which would then be on a monthly/regular basis. Would Rod prefer this alternative?

Granted, car stickers will not be of any use when cars are stolen, but what about the ‘non-residents’ that drive into our neighborhood to spy on houses and the occupants prior to breaking in? At least the PDRM on duty might be able to identify them, don’t you agree?

“An increased level of community vigilance and cooperation is our answer” Well said Rod. We would all like to see you join us on Tuesday nights when we do our rounds.

To sum it all up, if we can view things from a positive perspective as to what benefits it would bring to us, we could then get to solving more problems rather than creating them.

Rod said...

I’m not sure if this blog/forum is followed by many or if it’s just mb and I blowing hot air but I should respond.

I may well have the concept wrong but I must be excused for this as the text circulated, and as above posted by mb state “Movable steel drum barriers would be placed to ‘permanently’ close the designated roads leaving only 1 entrance/exit open, eventually.” Which I believe is unambiguous – a single entry/exit point to SS20. If indeed the intention is to restrict access via the ‘service roads’ behind and between the rows of houses then many of the undeniable disadvantages of barriers, are not nearly as applicable. The illegality of it remains though.

I would repeat that the PDRM can not publicly give support to an illegal action. Privately, they may be very happy to think that the public is assuming the responsibility of the government (which has been delegated to PDRM) to provide a safe environment for citizens. Which is what RT are doing when they erect barriers and pay for guard patrols (for example) – this is actually what we already pay taxes for! The mention of other locations where guard posts and barriers have been erected is no justification at all. Citing other examples of people breaking the law does not entitle us to also break the law.

We are not ‘splitting hairs’ at all when we talk about unfettered access to hospitals. Why do ambulances have lights and sirens – because time is of the essence in saving lives. Anyone who has had a relative or loved one rescued from a serious road accident or rushed to the Emergency Room with a stroke or heart attack will remember the achingly long time it took to get to hospital and if our (illegal and) thoughtless actions cause the death or paralysis of a single person then it is very arrogant of us to even consider restrictions. 5 minutes is literally ‘a lifetime’.

(post too long - pls continue to part 2)

Rod said...

I do see the point of the car stickers but as a security measure they give more of a warm feeling than practical protection. I don’t have statistics to hand but it is my understanding that the majority of crime is committed by people who arrive on 2 wheels (even if they do leave on 4!) Thus identification of villains transportation is a tough job, not to mention that mostly, motorbikes can get around the end of a barrier and escape while the police or residents car in chase of the thief will be stopped allowing the villain to escape scot-free.

Sadly, even paid security patrols have a limited effect. It has been my experience that after an all too short honeymoon period, the guards themselves either become the thieves or more likely, the paid spotters for the thieves.

I didn’t know that the RT did ‘rounds’ on a Tuesday, what about the other nights?

As I pointed out, it would appear that the majority of the crime reported takes place on the perimeter roads, should we not focus on attempting to stem this. Persistent requests to PDRM usually result in increased patrols and presence and correspondingly lower crime rates. The vigilance and cooperation I allude to is the dissemination of a set of simple actions that we can all take to: a) improve both home and vehicular security, b) be aware of visual signs and clues that a potential villain is on the prowl and c) know the correct actions to take if you suspect a crime is about to take place or if a crime is in progress. And of course we all need to have the willingness to take a moment look out for our neighbour and to make a call to the relevant authorities. Maybe it would be more effective in providing security without the unacceptable elements of barricades if we were to spend time, effort and even money, in getting the police and/or security experts to give (preferably) written advice and instruction along the lines of my suggestions above or whatever way they present as being the most effective in crime prevention and response. This advice could then be provided to all SS20 residents and the RT sessions could be used to discuss and explain how to put this advice into practice.

I do hope that I am mistaken in understanding from the final paragraph of mb’s comments that my input is viewed as ‘creating problems’. I have tried to present perspectives relating to the illegal closure of access which it appears may not have been considered before – but are none the less very real.

RTSS20south said...
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sohhooi said...

I've been a supporter of the RT's activities...although passive, a supporter nonetheless. Generally in a forum such as this, you will receive more criticism than words of encouragement. Therefore, I shall firstly say, "Thank you for your hardwork and efforts".


meg said...

Since the side lane has been closed, it has been inconvenient to us as we are short of parking space. Please let us know the solution to this problem.

Rod said...

Meg. While, as is obvious by my previous posts, I do not support the illegal closure of the roads in SS20, it does appear that the positioning of the blockades is not as well thought out as they might be. In your particular case I think your problem would be alleviated if the illegal blockade was moved to the inner end of the side road rather than the end at the main road.

MB said...

Meg....what road exactly are you referring to ? Rod, I guess, must be your neighbour as he seems to know exactly where.....
Anyway, out of curiousity, how does the closure of a side lane effect your parking ? Pls enlighten us.

Vincent Ng said...

Dear residents,

The closure of road is a good problem to work on. Even though we can expect some controversy but I am confident it will work. I will try to offer some explanation to the effects of closure. Firstly, the closure of the road had been made known to the Hospital Pakar Damansara & they are aware of the closure. In any emergency, the ambulance is just to transport patient to the hospital & normally it is not accompanied by any paramedic unless requested. As you know, the ambulance will take time to come & one has to pay for private ambulance service. In time of critical emergency, it is always faster & better to transport the patient yourself by your own vehicle to the hospital.

Secondly, on the question of legality, we believe our local by-law needs to be amended. Laws can be outdated & are man made. The important thing is experiential experience & police have no objection to it. The survey conducted had shown that >75% of owners have consented to the closure & that is why it has been implemented. I support the closure of roads even though it is inconvenient to me because I believe it is a good way to curb crime. We need to make some sacrifice & cooperation from all residents to make things work.

isetan said...

The barriers are placed on the back lanes and not along the main roads. Indeed how does that affect your parking? On the other hand, there is now more parking spaces

sohhooi said...

Although I support the barriers at the designated side lanes, I would like to propose for the removal of the ones at the shoplots.

The lane between Dragon-i and the mechanic's workshop at ss20/11 is a good escape route for traffic when Alam Flora's truck comes round during the day.

RTSS20south said...

Thank you for your positive comments and support. I am sure you would appreciate this explaination on the rationale of closing the DragonI backlane.

The residence and pedestrians at SS20/7 has been victimise several times in 2008. We studied and analysed road and backlane with all considerations. It is an easy escape route of the culprits. It is a quick getaway. A snatch thief or perpatrators can easily get out of that sidelane and escape into the traffic in front of the shops on his motobike.
There are also at more than 50% residence from SS20/7 that supported for it to be closed. As u mention, it is an escape from Alam Flora truck when the are in front tof the shops. If it is your escape route from the truck, it is the same escape route for the culprits.
If you can consider the fact that Alam Flora truck only goes round 3
times a week and it may take up to 15- 20 minutes of hold up. If we open that side lane, the residence of SS20/7 will be open again to
crime 24 hours a day 7 times a week.
We appreciate your understanding and thoughts.

Rod said...

mb/Meg, I was assuming (possibly incorrectly) that Meg was referring to a link road closure at the main road end rather than the inside lane end as I have seen (red paint indicating)in a few places. Otherwise I too would guess that the closure would in fact allow for easier parking.

GetReal said...

Hi all SS20 residents, apart of our differing views of the some roads closure I want to raise awareness in fighting against these 'pests' who goes around our houses throwing fliers, sticking labels on our letterboxes, signages, trees and etc. I suggest we ought to take some actions to eradicate this in our neighbourhood and make it a beautiful and pleasant neighbourhood. Any supporters and ideas?

Rod said...

rtss20south, mb, Vincent, Firstly I should clarify that I am in no way trying to be ‘negative’ far from it, I am trying to be positive. I have pointed out that the RT is proposing something illegal and I have tried to suggest some more individual aspects of security. Just because I don’t agree with your plans does not make me negative or wrong.

I am sad at the responses that have been posted relating to the delays imposed on ambulances (or indeed any vehicle trying to rush someone to hospital), the attitude projected is a very selfish one and not at all in line with responsible RT administration.

Obviously, I have only just become aware of the activities and plans of RTSS20, otherwise I would have aired my views earlier. I am curious to note that a survey has been mentioned a couple of times and I certainly was unaware of this and definitely did not have the opportunity to participate. I’m sure I am not alone. I would however be most interested to see the results of the surveys carried out. I presume a traffic density study was also carried out ? Can I also ask if each business operating in SS20 was asked for their opinion and if it was clearly explained to them that the ultimate aim of the RT is to have a single entry/exit point to SS20?

On the postings which boldly state that the laws of the land are just plain wrong – I am stunned. I really do have to point out that your opinion (and mine) holds exactly zero weight when judging the value of the laws of Malaysia. I do agree with you and with others that amendments to certain laws would be a positive move but there are proper channels and methods to petition this. Simply deciding that you don’t like this law and so are going to ignore it is not what a good citizen does.

Most crime can be avoided by taking appropriate prevention measures. For instance, in the auto thefts experienced in our neighbourhood, were immobilisers fitted, were steering or gear locks (of a quality such that they can’t simply be kicked off) fitted? Similarly, it is most often a home without an alarm and/or without stout doors and windows which are targeted. Certainly not my personal choice of security measure, but dogs are extremely effective if properly trained. Motion sensor activated lights front and rear are also another great deterrent. By making our homes look secure we will deter the majority of break-ins. Many years ago I could not afford an alarm system so I painted a biscuit tin to look like a Chubb alarm box and fixed it to the front of my house – I suspect it worked just as well as the real thing!

I was interested to hear that there are 2 police officers allocated to SS20 and would imagine that they would be ideally qualified and willing to provide the advice and guidelines that I suggested earlier to strengthen our collective security.

I remain firmly of the opinion that the closure of roads by the RT is wrong because of the lives it could cost, the business it could ruin and the undeniable illegality of it.

MB said...

Dear Rod, you may not be wrong as you believe but definitely will be ‘labeled’ negative because you are opposing an idea that the majority of the community has come to agree with. Again you may ask on what grounds we can justify majority. Well for this I would like to take you back to the time when this community policing project began.

It was initiated by the PDRM in August 2008. SS20 was the ‘chosen one’. It was a pilot project in the Klang valley whereby the police would have patrols around the neighbourhood with the residents. It was to foster better ties with the residents. It was to get the residents to be the ‘eyes & ears’ for the police in addressing crime in neighbourhoods. It was during this time when discussions with the PDRM with regards to ‘gating’ & other ideas came about. Most of what you have mentioned has been discussed already.

What comes as a surprise is that with all the patrolling, media coverage, flyers posted and even members going house to house to promote community policing, that you claim you are not aware of this. One can only imagine which planet you were on. Anyway, all the ‘active’ residents that were involved were in favour of blockades.

As for the designated area, again I must reiterate the fact that the area we are referring to in our blog is the ‘southern zone’ – which encompasses all houses from SS20/11 within SS20/10 & SS20/1 down to Wisma DiJaya. We are not blocking all roads into SS20. To give you a better understanding of matters would be easier with a map of the area, which will be on display on July 12. For now I will try to explain it to you as best as I can.

SS20/11, where all commercial blocks are, will be as it is… flow of traffic. It will be one of 3 main roads leading traffic into the southern zone….as will the ‘outer ring roads’ namely SS20/10 & SS20/1. They will all lead traffic into SS20/6 for residents in the southern zone. All other entry/exit points via the back lanes or smaller roads will be closed. In this way it would be less of an easy access or getaway for the perpetrators. Please note that this in no way would hinder services coming in during emergencies; hospital, fire etc etc.

I am glad to read that you agree to the fact that ‘amendments to certain laws would be a positive move’ and must stress that at no time did anyone lay claim that laws of the land are just plain wrong……what we believe is that current security issues have caused it to become impractical. If you will note that most areas nearby; Dsara Jaya, SS21, SS22, Bandar Utama and a few others have already placed blockades. Areas such as Tmn Tun & Bangsar, under DBKL have even gotten the authorities to place blockades for them. What does this tell you?

MB said...


“With the police no longer the sole guardians of law and order, all members of the community become active allies in the effort to enhance the safety and quality of neighborhoods.” This is gotten off a POLICE BLOG done solely for SS20 -

Maybe Rod has had the good fortune of not being a victim to a robbery, as I too am glad to say that I have been lucky so far…..but I have witnessed a few where the victim was attacked. It was not because they didn’t have a fence or security locks or alarms. They were attacked as they were waiting in their car or getting down/out of the vehicle. They were slashed standing outside their house. The fear /trauma on their faces will be there for a long time. I would never wish this on anyone. Why can’t we stand outside our house, in our neighbourhood without fear? Why can’t we walk to the playgrounds with our children without fear? Why can’t we or even our children walk about the neighbourhood without fear? We all have fencing around our houses with the sole purpose of denying pepetrators. Isn’t this the same concept when we ‘gate’ our neighbourhood?

Rod, you may have many ideas which you think can work to reduce crime in our neighbourhood. Well, we would all welcome you to join us…….join us in our weekly southern zone ‘fellowship patrols’ with the PDRM…….attend our frequent gatherings with the whole SS20 community….. Be a neighbour.

Rod said...

Just a quickie - everyone may be interested to read the article in the Star today, page M6. I think it more or less sets out the position. It might be a good idea for us all to discuss it's implications and potential. What do you think?

RTSS20south said...

Rod - you are welcomed to meet up with the 'respected elders' of the community tonight at 9pm at the Central Park along Jalan SS20/15 to discuss matters.

Leong Hin said...

From the comments so far,it appears that ss20/10 from Dijaya to Supertanker restaurant is going to remain free from blockade.I stay along ss20/10.In my opinion,this section of the road should be blocked.A movable barrier could be erected along this road just before Supertanker.Similarly,the same applies to ss20/6.Access into the southern zone should be from jalan d'sara.Posted by Khaw

Khaw said...

I do not know whether anyone notice the pooling of water on the top surface of the drums used as road barriers or not.These stagnant water could be potential Aedes mosquitoes breeding ground.I hope something is done now to drain the water and prevent its pooling before we have an epidemic of dengue fever in the neighbourhood.Posted by Khaw


Thanks for the warning; we have also been aware of this potential problem.We have been inspecting the drums in central zone and found that there were no larvae because the water on the top of the drum was so hot in the day. We shall continue to monitor the situation. To further improve the environmental hygiene of SS20, we hope that more residents would come forward to play an active role.

Khaw said...

I'll monitor the stagnant water on the drums.Will let you know the moment I notice any wiggling larvae in the water !

Rod said...

RTSS20south, Thank you for the invitation. Unfortunately, as I have not attained the status of 'respected elder' as yet, I had to leave the safe confines of SS20 to go out and make a living. I do however, hope to meet with the respected elders this afternoon at the Padang.

Khaw said...

Glad to note that so many residents turned up this evening at the padang. Hats off to the committee members who organize the gathering and getting the police and other areas' honchos to talk about community policing as well as efforts to organize guarded community.Now,I can put faces to the committee members.
At this juncture,I wish to stress again,that ss20/10,between Dijaya and Supertanker should be blocked off.I suggest ss20/10,after the Taithong carpark be permanently closed and a boom be erected across ss20/10,located between ss20/11 and ss20/9.That's my 2 sens worth of opinion.Khaw

Khaw said...
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Rod said...

Hello again to all the neighbours met last night :)

I would like to add my 2 sen worth to the proceedings. While it would indeed have been an impossible task to have an open discussion with so many residents present, the bulk of the time at our gathering was spent canvassing and promoting the ‘gated community’ and very little of substance was said about security and community.

My personal view of the proposed road blockages as revealed last night is that it would improve security and impose minimal disruption to businesses and residents in our community, however, this does not remove the fact that road blockages are illegal. I am very curious now as to the future ‘phases’ which have already been mapped out and are presumably cast in stone! Could the information of the proposed future phases please be posted on the blog? I may have misunderstood the words of the letter sent out to all residents but it states that ultimately only one entrance/exit would be left. (quite apart from the illegality) this would be really impractical, could this please be clarified by those who are mapping out our future?

The participation of PDRM last night was very comforting and it certainly is a positive element to be able to get to know our guardians. I wonder if our local MP has been approached and informed of the security concerns of SS20? While it is the PDRM’s duty to maintain security, I think we would all agree that our elected members are responsible for fighting to ensure that PDRM is allocated sufficient resource to perform the job.

Just to clarify a point which mb raised in an earlier posting; in the house I lived in before moving to SS20, I was the victim of break-ins FIVE times! It is a very troubling experience, I am all too familiar with. The lesson I learned from my unpleasant experience is that you cannot rely on anyone else to provide security, the security of your home is in your own hands – even in a gated community.

I would also like to point out (as is clear by my postings) that I am as concerned about security as any other resident. But just like many other neighbours who care and worry, I have responsibilities and demands on my time which do not permit me to make a time commitment to regular patrolling our roads, (All due thanks and respect to those who do) I do not think that this circumstance should make my or any other non-patrol participating residents opinion any less valid.

isetan said...

TAlk is EASY. Typing , even easier. If you are busy, so are we.

Rod said...

Then the point of the Blog is??

MB said...

Thank you Rod for your 2 sens’ worth. All feedback is welcomed, no matter how cheap.

The gathering was not spent canvassing but yes explaining the ‘gated community’. Explaining to the community for their acceptance and agreement is vital. We must add that the feedback was encouraging. There is yet to be another objection besides you.

Security & community was definitely on the agenda as testimonials from invited ‘leaders’ of neighbouring communities explained to one & all about the happenings and action taken by the residents in their communities. Perhaps Rod wasn’t listening.

We are surprised to hear that Rod’s personal view of the proposed road blockages as revealed last night is “that it would improve security and impose minimal disruption to businesses and residents in our community.” Why then are you still harping on the fact that the law has not been amended yet to cater for this? Weren’t you the one that wrote it might be a good idea for us all to discuss its implications and potential on the article that appeared in the Star about a community that is legalizing this? Isn’t the presence and support by the PDRM and also MBPJ good enough?
Now you seem to be asking if the local MP is aware of this…….what next Rod – is the PM of Malaysia aware too?

It is unfortunate that the only lesson you learnt from the 5 break-ins you experienced is that
you cannot rely on anyone else to provide security, the security of your home is in your own hands. In our neighbourhood we want to change that thought. We, in SS20 want to rely on ourselves, as a community, to look out for each other. We want to gate & secure our ‘house’ (neighbourhood).

So you have responsibilities and demands on your time which do not permit you to make a time commitment to regular patrolling our roads. So what? Why are you feeling guilty? Is anyone blaming you? There are many others who also do not patrol with us. We are not a vigilante group nor are we a political party. We NEVER forced anyone to patrol or join us. Everyone comes out on the own free will, for their own reasons, be it community service or fellowship or who knows what……..and nothing is ‘cast in stone’ The project we are embarking on welcomes all feedback and is ever changing, now with more residents wanting more roads to be blocked.

Rod said...

mb, what seems to surprise you is that I am not polarised and against everything you say. Of course I'm not, I'm simply trying to find out what is intended to happen that will affect my living in my home and also express some of my own views. I'm sure that we all share many of the same goals for our community but maybe hold differing values on the means of achieving them.

Rather than responding with unhelpful comments about which planet I live on or whether I was listening or sarcasm relating to the PM, could you please help by responding to some of the questions I have asked. Namely, can you please post the results of the survey done (I was completely unaware of any survey) and can you please outline just what is being planned for the next phases.
There is neither the need to ridicule nor demonise me simply because I voice my concern that the representatives of our community decide to disregard the laws of the land just because they don't agree with them - what would happen to society if everyone disregarded laws that they felt were not suitable for them!!

Eye of the tiger said...

Well Mr Rod, with due respect to all bloggers as well as the silent readers, I am sure everybody is concerned about the alarming rate of crime. Every week there are cases and it keeps increasing. Your participants and suggestion are very welcomed.

In a mixed community, it has never been easy to do things collectively. Even if majority of them do come forward for a positive course there is always difference of opinion but nevertheless the majority should decide and implement. It doesn't mean others view point is neglected but we must learn how to compromise.

Mr Rod has raised some good points and very good insights about preventive measures. Which we should take note and personally we appreciate all you bloggers to spare some time commenting and arguing all for a good course. This only shows that we have some responsible citizen in our midst. Let’s try and keep the conversation healthy without being harsh or abrupt, that will probably will bring in better results.

MB said...

Dear Rod…..As explained before, what is intended for the community is the placing of barricades along certain roads that have been identified as well as a few more that were requested upon by residents on July 12. This is ALL that will be done for the time being; 6 months. Anything after will be discussed if and when the need arises.

As for the survey, it was done in the central zone. You would have to view the results from their blog or if not posted then maybe make enquiries from the central zone committee members. As for the southern zone - July 12 was our ‘Day of Reckoning’. All comments received are posted on this blog. As the results show there was only ONE objection, namely yourself.

I guess I should apologise for any remarks made that may have been perceived wrongly but it’s because you are sounding like an old record – you keep singing the same song over and over again. You keep harping on the fact that the law of the country doesn’t allow for the barricades…….…that the representatives of this community disregard the laws of the land. That, Rod, is far from the truth. On the contrary the SS20 RT has been working closely with the law. To enlighten you a bit as well as everyone else, we are pleased to inform all residents that the Chief Inspector Thomas Sulok of Balai Polis Damansara PJ has recently given the RT of SS20 a letter supporting this project of ‘closely guarded community’. This should be placed in the blog soon for everyone to see.

With regards to your ‘exciting discovery’ of a certain community that is trying to have this ‘guarded community’ project gazetted, please note that the SS20 RT is well aware and has been in dialogue with them. With not wanting to jeopardize their endeavor, we have to wait and see the outcome of it. If the precedence is set I am sure we and many other communities would also follow up with the gazetting for our neighborhoods.

You Rod may have ideas that can help certain residents with making their home safer which is a good thing but what of the community as a whole? Crime in our neighborhood is not only house break-ins & car thefts. It is also snatch thieves and car break-ins and kidnapping. There is no 100% guarantee on any system or effort. You more so should know this as your biscuit tin disguised as an alarm, plus whatever else you did as security, did not deter the thieves from entering your house 5 times as you mentioned. Even the barricades placed on our roads will only be a deterrent to the unwanted intruders from entering our neighborhood. We can only hope it will reduce crime.

Dear Rod - if you feel you can do a better job and contribute to this community in any way that may be perceived to be better than what is currently being done by the southern zone committee, please volunteer your time and effort to it. If not you can’t escape from being labeled an ‘armchair critic’. You can then explain in your own way your methods on security to the community and carry out whatever ideas you may have gotten them to agree to. I, for one, would be more than willing to take a back seat and have more quality time with my family and work instead of hours spent on discussing, strategizing and working out the nitty gritty of matters, not to mention ‘blowing hot air’ on this blog.

Rod said...

mb, thank you for appreciating the point of my last post. I sincerely hope to be allowed to aire my views and contribute to a better community if possible – just as I believe you do too.

I now understand that in fact the residents of the southern zone were in fact not invited to a survey – which does mean that some earlier posts were misleading in the extreme. And it now sounds like the respected elders have made decisions without any reference to the community – please correct me if I’m wrong.

Regarding your information that there is nothing at all planned as a second phase, I’m certain that there was talk about ‘implementing the next phase’ and ‘leaving only one entrance/exit open, eventually’ surely this is indicative of a roadmap for the future already being in existence??

I think it is fairly clear to anyone reading my posts that I do care and have thought about all (well as many as I can come up with) aspects of whatever options are open to us to improve our security, I’m sorry if I’m like a broken record ( I think we are both showing our age using this saying) but making fun of it does not remove the absolute fact that blocking roads is illegal and I will not be cajoled into silence. I still can’t fathom why we are not trying to achieve the same results via proper legal avenues – and making fun of me for continually pointing out what you refuse to acknowledge is a bit of a cheap shot don’t you agree.

It would appear that there are some RT’s who are attempting to take an alternative path. I would have thought that the more communities that got behind the group mentioned in the ‘exciting discovery’ the stronger their case would be to get things legalised. However, as you have already spoken to them and presumably jointly decided that it is best that they go it alone, I’m sure you have respected their wishes.

It is my understanding of community that it is made up of individuals and if each individual improves their security then we all have improved our community. Having now been alerted to the fact that there is a place to communicate with the community and that others also care about security I have tried to suggest that there are some things that each household can do to help protect themselves, not as an alternative to good policing and deterring the bad-hats from coming here in the first place but as a compliment to whatever other measures are practiced.

Contrary to your assumption that my biscuit tin stunt didn’t work – in fact after that I had no further problems for the next 4 years, until I left that house. Mind you, I did take some other measures. I had previously begged the police to patrol and to take action to catch thieves in the area and frankly their response and results were abysmal. So, determined to do something to change the situation I had the biscuit tin idea and also decided to appeal to the other side of the law. It took me several months to track down someone from ‘the other side’ but when I did, I sat with them and (very politely) asked that the area I lived in be protected rather than raped. Not sure which was more effective but the result of no more break-ins/theft was perfect.

Lastly, mb, I’m sorry if you feel threatened by my postings, I certainly have no intention to be so and I can assure you that I have no aspirations of holding any post in our RT. It is my understanding that elected representatives (I’m assuming that the RT representatives are elected – although again I have not been aware of any such procedures) are exactly that, representatives, performing the collective will of those who asked them to be the representative. I also have no intention to try to convince anyone to do anything. I am trying to participate in a forum that the RT has set up for residents to have their say and find out what’s going on and I’m trying to be positive in providing some suggestions. And in case it wasn’t apparent, I am grateful that you have taken the time to respond to my postings and I do hope that our discussions will have positive results.

RTSS20south said...
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RTSS20south said...
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Rod said...

It has been quiet here for some time and unfortunately no further response has been made to my comments and observations.

I notice that the debate of whether to block roads or not has continued to be reported in the press. In one recent, prominent, article an RT has been instructed to remove their illegally placed blockades.

I would put up for discussion by all concerned; the value of us as a community taking advantage of the Governments pledge to cut street crime and use this opportunity to lobby for more police presence and more effective judicial procedures and improved lighting and surveilance and any other provisions that the Government can make to increase our collective safety (and this of course could also include the erection of fences or bariers).

I would put it up for discussion that this is not the right time to break the law and run counter to the helping hand that the Government is promising. Let's go with the flow, cooperate with the authorities and be a model of success by behaving properly and calling for their support.
If we go against the authorities and break the law then we can not expect to get help from outside by way of support from the authorities, we will be made another example of how doing things the wrong way does not produce the desired results.

What does everyone else think?

Rod said...

It would seem that this blog is no longer being used as a way of discussion and information dissemination and my earlier suggestions and questions have not elicited a response from any quarter.

Khaw said...

Barriers had been set up for quite awhile.Wonder there is any change in crime index ?

MB said...

Though house break-ins still occur, the number of snatch thefts have definately declined, if at all anymore in the vicinity....all thanks to certain road closures as intended to discourage motorcyclist into the area

Khaw said...

Maybe some statistics of the crime index would be more convincing.Comparing 'before and after'.tq

Khaw said...

Wonder why the drum barriers beside the Hakka restaurant were removed ?

Joe said...

The drums beside the restaurant on road 4 were removed by the resident whose house was 'just outside' of the barrier. It was done with the collaboration of the restaurant. For anyone who is against the removal, please direct your grouses to the specific resident concerned.It was a minority decision against the majority of residents on road 4. This, though seen as a selfish act, unfortunately was permitted as the rest of the active residents do not want hostility amongst ourselves.

Khaw said...
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Khaw said...

It's sad minority overrode the views of majority. Democracy is not supposed to work that way. If every person wants his idea to be used,then chaos will be what we have. Nothing will work then. Compromise is the key.But selfish people do not seem to understand the word.

Rod said...

The concept as described by Khaw is certainly the core of democracy but in our particular instance, there was no poll asking if we the residents felt it was necessary to break the law (by blocking rights of way) thus it was not the will of the majority. There is more of a feeling that the few are imposing their will of the majority. At least any question I have put up on this blog to find out what research and analysis has been the basis of the road blocking decisions has been left unanswered.
Our Government has pledged to combat 'street crime', why don't we embrace this offer of support and not insult the Government by flaunting the law?!

MB said...

You are right Khaw – it is sad. Yes you are right again to say that selfish people do not seem to understand. They always seem to think only their opinion matters. I guess that’s why they are labeled selfish. They do not want to listen to reason. As Joe has posted, the rest decided to leave the matter for now as they would rather not have hostility.
Then there are those that do not want to participate or involve themselves in the activities. They do not want listen to feedback or to look at consensus. They would rather sit at home/behind their computer and post comments. Even after numerous explanations they still claim they have not been answered to. I guess you will find such people in all communities. It is sad indeed.

Khaw said...

This is not related to gated community.But I thought this could be a way to bring up something for discussion.The flyover from jln damansara to tropicana city is up and running,despite strong objections from residents along ss20/10.At the junction of this flyover and jln damansara,there is a metal gutter to cover a drain.Of late I noticed that whenever a car went over this gutter,there is a metallic jarring sound.This is an unacceptable level of noise pollution.I suggest,RT should write to Dijaya to remove the gutter and change the open drain into a closed one.TQ